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Thursday, June 25, 2009

lol... saw someone in stomp's singapore seen that looks like my sec sch fren, rena.. those who knows her.. check it out and see the resemblance k? :P

.-PoNdErEd.UpoN.wiV.TeArs.@. {7:23 PM}.

Friday, April 10, 2009

My New Eduworks for my cme lesson..

as usual, the lyrics are written by me and sang by me too! :P

with credits to.. gummy bear and SMRT anti terrorism video..

.-PoNdErEd.UpoN.wiV.TeArs.@. {7:19 AM}.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Hmm.... think think think... hmm... valentines just round d corner... let me share some nice nice love songs tt i've liked... hmm.. the tunes are really nice... click on d one u are interested.. :P

林峰、鍾嘉欣 - 心領


男: 或許戀愛都只有煙火那刻的摧燦
如此簡單 快樂不多於一晚

女: 越討好你 就換來傷心痛哭多一晚
如此貪玩 厭舊貪新我心淡

# 合: 誰願稀罕這愛情
就算犧牲不會高興 已心領#

男: 什麼戀愛的感覺始終有它的限期

女: 並不必暗示感覺一早已熄 多得你
從今天起 我亦不稀罕等你
獨身的趣味 不拍即使抱擁得空氣


男: Never meant to be cruel, Never meant to hurt you...

合: 誰願稀罕這愛情 從未甘心因我轉性
男: 其實清...楚... 女: 其實清楚這過程
男: 我知 無謂去纏住我 無謂再去打聽
女: 就算犧牲不會高興
合: 已心領

合: 無謂發現情或許轉淡 無謂發現情或許轉淡

Okies... conclusion... I'm a Lin Feng Lover/Craze/Fan! lol.. hehs.. just love all his songs and his acting! handsome and has eyes tt can dian(4) ren(2) :P

.-PoNdErEd.UpoN.wiV.TeArs.@. {10:37 PM}.

lol... the noisy bday song.. sam, doreen, poh ling, yingru, yew boon, jeffery, kang xiang, me and.. jenny n tiong singing bday song.. but sound super crowded... click play and u will "hear why".. :P

.-PoNdErEd.UpoN.wiV.TeArs.@. {9:12 PM}.

O4S6C CNY Gathering organised by Ms Poh Ling :)
tiong n jenny's ghostly pix?? LOL :P


THANKS for being Such a GREAT HOST!! :)

MY "PARENTS" lol..

YU Sheng and Jenny & Tiong's Cake! :) lol... "Bangala Solo" :P

Wanna Test my phone's smile detector? :P funny smile!

.-PoNdErEd.UpoN.wiV.TeArs.@. {8:36 PM}.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

hehs... stealing some time off to blog again.. trying to strike off more items from my exhausive list... lol... hmm... looking forward to my meet up with nutties!! but.. aiyo.. we all so difficult to find time to meet up.. can't really find a common free slot.. sighs.... hope we can reallly really meet up soon.. :)

hmm.. look forward to my loooooonnnnngggg awaited movie.. :) yea!!! haha.. hmm.. BOLT!!! haha... but.... think many girls are like me... wan to watch bolt because of the chubby cute cute hamster in that ball ball... haha.. so great!! this movie has 3D version... :) *grinz* happy happy... :) :) :)

The hammie is really cute right?? :P
Hmm.. gonna prepare myself for my tuition later.. blog another day and try to clear my list of items to blog.. hahs.. ;)

.-PoNdErEd.UpoN.wiV.TeArs.@. {11:29 AM}.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

today meet ting and cindy for dinner.. the 2 of them went shopping at town earlier... den ting nice nice.. acc me go clarke quay cannery see see.. so nice of her... hmm... 原来 cindy is working near central... at Dreamer.. so long nv go out with them le.. stupid hp super low batt.. din take any photos... ate at paragon spageddies.. i ate crayfish pasta.. :) nice nice.. like crayfish.. :) cannery.. hmm.. also known as Rebel... quite small only leh.. hmm.. feel abit bad.. cos ting acc me go.. den the place stil qt empty, we leave le.. meet wl and melvin there.. den they wanna head to obar aft tt.. and melvin need to drive the car back to his bro.. he wanted to send me home first.. but aft acc ting take cab, my hp went absolute flat... den i went to find pay fone to call wl.. den it's really difficult to contact me like tt.. since nt too late... den i take bus home.. so.. din take melvin's 顺风车.. miscommunication... nt i dun 赏脸.. :) today is considered enjoyable.. :) looking forward to tml.. my science centre trip with my boy... :)

.-PoNdErEd.UpoN.wiV.TeArs.@. {2:10 AM}.



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